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Macallan x Bentley launch groundbreaking Horizon whisky

Prepare for a truly space-age design from a legend of Scotch

Macallan x Bentley launch groundbreaking Horizon whisky

The Macallan has long been known for creating groundbreaking Scotch whisky, so imagine our excitement when news of a collaboration with automotive pioneers Bentley first surfaced.

Introducing brand's new mould-defying release: The Macallan Horizon, which insists on breaking every rule in the book.

Just look at it.

A joint operation that sees Scotch whiskey royalty and automotive excellence combine, Horizon could easily be something lifted from the H.R. Giger playbook.

Replacing the traditional vertical bottle with a horizontal design that twists a full 180-degrees, this spiralling shape represents the "horizontal trajectory of the automotive world".

And boy is it beautiful.

According to both brands, it's a 70cl bottle that "challenges the conventions of traditional whisky" (you can say that again).
A total of six materials are used to construct the release, with these six reflecting the "six pillars" making up The Macallan’s "foundation stones".
Macallan x Bentley launch groundbreaking Horizon whisky

The bottle itself is manufactured from glass, wrapped in a twisting aluminium ribbon and low-carbon leather sculpture.

The piece of art (and let's be frank, it is art) is then placed inside a recycled copper frame manufactured from one of The Macallan's former stills.
That's right, you're literally purchasing a piece of Scotch whisky history.
The fifth element is the oak wood inlay that details the clasp, with Bentley’s Crown Cut Walnut veneer - which was developed for its vehicles - also visible

Oh, and then there's the sixth all-important element - the Scotch Whisky

As you might expect, this limited edition release is accompanied by a suitably luxurious price tag - expect to fork out around £40,000 (US$51,274) from a selected range of retailers and The Macallan Estate Store.

Macallan x Bentley launch groundbreaking Horizon whisky

Distilled by The Macallan's master whisky maker Kirsteen Campbell, the liquid gold contained within this fine piece of art is a nod to Bentley's detailing.

Six first-fill Sherry-seasoned oak casks are used in this creation of this distinctive Scotch.

On the nose, The Macallan Horizon serves up "resinous polished oak with plums and dark cherries" according to the brand, followed by "dark treacle notes with cinder toffee, crystallised ginger and charred pineapple".

It's a complex and delectable serve fit for even the most discerning palate.

It's a dram made all the more unique thanks to its "rich oak" finish.
Speaking of the release, Jaume Ferras, creative director at The Macallan, said: “The Macallan Horizon is the most complex and visionary whisky project that The Macallan has embarked upon, and has required a profound and ongoing exchange of expertise with the team at Bentley Motors.
Macallan x Bentley launch groundbreaking Horizon whisky
“Our collaboration with Bentley and the knowledge exchange we have undertaken has inspired us to see things very differently.
“In the spirits world, everything is vertical, such as our stills and our bottles.
"When we looked at the horizontal plane that Bentley’s grand tourers occupy, it made us consider if and how we could adapt this format for whisky, which ultimately requires to be poured and enjoyed."
The limited edition release is available from selected retailers for £40,000 (US$51,274).