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From whisky to beard oil; the best luxury advent calendars on the market

Wake up to a pair of cashmere socks or a bottle of gin instead

From whisky to beard oil; the best luxury advent calendars on the market

Who wants chocolate for breakfast when you can have gin and luxury socks? Splash out this December and spend the festive month half-cut and decked out in premium gifts and grooming products with these deluxe alternative men’s advent calendars.

The Pact Coffee advent calendar

If you’re getting a boozy calendar, it might be good for you to invest in this one too, as this calendar gives you a different bean from around the world everyday, perfect for helping you sober up for work.


The Whisky Advent Calendar

Winter is cold. Sure you could wear a scarf, or you could be old school manly and just warm up by necking a load of whisky everyday in the form of a different wax-sealed dram.


Beard oil advent calendar

If you’ve got a beard, give it a good feel now. If there’s bit of this morning’s cereal falling out, you need to take better care of it, which is where this beard oil calendar comes in, giving you a different scent every day to look after your unkempt face forest.


Corgi's sock advent calendar

Exclusive to Mr Porter, this ultra decadent calendar will give you a fresh pair of socks everyday from Welsh knitwear icons Corgi. From the 1st to the 23rd, each door will give you a pair of cotton blend styles in festive patterns, where as Christmas Eve will reveal a pair of cashmere and silk blend, the kind you’d cry for days over if you got a hole in.


Cowshed deluxe advent calendar

Cowshed’s bath and body products smell like the posh toilet facilities in the expensive hotels you sneak into when you’re bursting. Yes, that good. From shampoo, shower gel, to hand cream, to moisturiser, this set has everything to make you reek of a God this season.


Craft beer advent calendar

There are some seriously tasty beers in here. We’re talking Brooklyn and Camden, the top notch, beard-and-skinny-jeans-required tipples. Worry about the belly in January, just dive in for now.


24 Days of Christmas Spirit calendar

Drinking gin on a Monday morning? Now that’s getting with the Christmas spirit. Experiment with different alcoholic spirits such as smoked vodka and elderflower liqueur and make the month of December a complete haze.


Wera tools advent calendar

The Dad-vent calendar. 24 days of various handy tools. Pure genius.


Hallingers Deluke BBQ Seasoning calendar

No one likes their chicken plain, and smothering it in ketchup is barbaric. Update your kitchen flavours with 24 different BBQ spices, with Bavarian Herbal Butter, Blue Salt, Midsummer Night BBQ and loads of other ambiguous yet delicious flavourings.


Gin Foundry advent calendar with tasting wheel

Gin is massively on trend, but does anyone really know what they’re talking about when it comes to the popular spirit? Impress your mates with a different gin everyday and memorise the tasting wheel notes, then you can act all cocky and say stuff has a hint of cardamon when you really don’t even know what cardamon is.