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Luke Sky Walker has been arrested

The Force is weak with this one

Luke Sky Walker has been arrested
03 December 2018

Luke Sky Walker has been arrested. Literally, this is not a joke - it has happened in real life. Because Luke Sky Walker is a real person. Sure, you may recognise the name as that bloke who waves around a big light-up sword, but just check the spelling there. You’re thinking of Luke Skywalker, not Luke Sky Walker.

Yep, Luke Sky Walker is actually a 21-year-old from Johnson City, Tennessee, who was arrested last week for violating his probation, according to WJHL-TV.

So what galactic crime was Luke guilty of? Well, the Emperor-bothering misconduct of stealing road signs. Back in 2017 Luke and three other jedis were found with 46 road signs in the back of their car at a traffic stop in Carter County.

And now he’s in jail because of it. They even confiscated his lightsaber (probably).

And this being the internet, word has spread of the man and his unusual name - in fact, it’s spread so far as to gain the attention of his more-famous namesake:

So what’s the lesson here? Well, if you’ve got one of the most famous names in the world, best to stay away from crime lest you desire said name to be plastered around the internet alongside your face. Perhaps stealing some road signs was not worth the effort and/or resulting internet ‘fame’. Stick to pirating movies or something.

(Image: Carter County Sheriff’s Office)