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Louis C.K. has made a secret movie and the cast is unreal

How did he keep this one quiet?

Louis C.K. has made a secret movie and the cast is unreal
Tom Victor
16 August 2017

We’ve all done things in secret and revealed them at the last moment.

You know the kind of stuff. Surprise birthday parties. Unexpected anniversary gifts. Feature films with all-star casts.

That’s right, Louis C.K. has managed to put together an entire film while we had our backs turned, and it has a pretty great cast for something filmed and produced entirely in secret.

In fact, it has a pretty great cast in general.

What a sly dog

Entitled I Love You, Daddy, the film will premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it stars Kick-Ass actress Chloe Grace Moretz and also includes Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Horrible Bosses), John Malkovich (Places in the Heart, In the Line of Fire), Edie Falco (The Sopranos, Oz) and Pamela Adlon (King of the Hill, The Big Bang Theory).

Charlie Day and Edie Falco, two of the stars of Louis C.K.'s new film

C.K. also has a starring role, according to a tweet from the film festival, while other cast members include Rose Byrne and Helen Hunt.

It is C.K.’s first foray into film directing for more than a decade and a half, with the actor and comedian having mostly worked in television since 2001’s Pootie Tang.

His recent acting roles include a supporting role in Bryan Cranston vehicle Trumbo, and performances in multi-award nominated American Hustle and Blue Jasmine.

I Love You, Daddy was shot in New York across an unspecified time period. It is yet to receive a mainstream release date, but September’s Toronto airing will mark the first time anyone sees the finished product.

(Images: Rex Features)