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Being paid to drink beer every Friday could be your new job

It seems too good to be true, but its not

Being paid to drink beer every Friday could be your new job

You’re used to reading about dream jobs involving alcohol, only to have your hope shot down when you realise they’re based halfway around the world.

You’ve been stung before, so even if some of the gigs involve the sort of travelling you want to do (like the chance to travel the world drinking whisky), you’ll always approach these headlines with a degree of scepticism.

It’s OK, we don’t blame you. Sometimes it can be healthier to have no hope to begin with than to have a ton of hope that gets instantly dashed.

But now we’ve got some properly good news for you: not only is there a beer taster job out there waiting for you, but you won’t even have to leave the UK.

Yep, you really can be paid to do this

Meantime Brewing Company, who are based in Greenwich, London, have put out an ad for a professional beer taster.

It’s only a part-time gig, three hours every Friday, but will be based at Meantime’s Greenwich Brewery and will offer a salary which the company describes as ‘Competitive… with beer benefits’.

That’s right, you’d only just got around to memorising the cheapest countries to buy a beer, and now we’re telling you there’s a chance to actually get paid to drink the stuff in what might as well be your own backyard.

Obviously you’ll need to know your beer to get the job, which will involve tasting new creations from the brewery behind London Lager, Yakima Red and other varieties.

According to the job specification, they’re after “A passionate beer lover who can provide honest and objective feedback on different beer styles”. If that sounds like you, read on.

This could be your workplace

To apply, you’ll need to write a 30-word post on LinkedIn (plus any relevant photo and video content) along with the hashtag #pickmemeantime.

Only one person will get the Friday morning job, but each of the final three will be invited along for the final stage, which involves – you guessed it – beer tasting.

(Images: Julia Nastogadka/Rex Features)