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If you love whisky, this is going to be your dream job

They need a glass half-full type of person

If you love whisky, this is going to be your dream job
Tom Victor
07 August 2017

The phrase ‘dream job’ is one of those that can feel overused at times.

It’s still a job, after all, and surely it’s not as much of a dream as being able to go the rest of your life without having to work at all.

However, we might have found an exception to prove the rule – providing you’re a fan of drinking whisky, travelling, and travelling to drink whisky.

Whisky company Grant’s are hiring for a global brand ambassador – in its simplest terms, someone to travel the world drinking whisky and getting other people to drink whisky.

The company is encouraging people to share cocktail recipes as the first stage of the interview process (more on this below), with a view to hiring someone to represent the brand across the globe. The role won’t even necessarily go to someone with experience in the drinks industry – even a total novice could land the role if they’re considered right for the part.

Oh, and the best part? You only need to get down to the final three to earn yourself a trip to one of a number of destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa or South America, and to the final 20 to earn a trip to Scotland.

Here’s how it works, as per the Grant’s website:

Stage 1: Devise a cocktail using three ingredients (including Grant’s whisky) and tweet with the hashtag #GrantsInterview. It will be judged on distinctiveness, creativity and intrigue.

Stage 2: The final 20 candidates will be flown to the original Grant’s distillery in Scotland, where they will be put up for two nights and given a selection of challenges relevant to the brand ambassador role. This will take place in September.

Stage 3: The final three will be flown to specific locations around the world, armed with a suitcase full of whisky and a videographer. Remember the cocktail they devised in stage 1? They’ll have to organise local events where they can introduce that drink to new people in new countries, and document the journey on video.

Once that’s all taken care of, there will be one winner…and one recipient of that dream job.

(Images: Warner Bros/Rex Features)