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London Collections: Grooming look of the day 2

Day 2 from the catwalk

London Collections: Grooming look of the day 2

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has a penchant for the comb over, this was one of the key looks from yesterday's shows. At Martine Rose, James Long and Christopher Shannon nerd styling was taken to a whole new level with models sporting deep side partings. We spoke to Dale Ted Watkins, grooming expert for Fudge on how to create the look.

Step by step

1. Apply Fudge Hot Hed Style Whip generously to wet hair

2. Use a thin comb to create a deep side parting just above the ear

2. Scrape hair over the head roughly and tuck loosely behind the ear

3. Finish by liberally applying Fudge Membrane Gas to hold a messy look at the roots and through the ends of the hair

Key Products

Fudge Hot Hed Style Whip - £13.95

Fudge Membrane Gas - £12.45

Fudge Matte Head Gas - £10.45

(Images: Mark Rabadan)