Here's a list of the crazy things British people would do for money

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Gary Ogden

We’ve all paid some kid to eat a load of earthworms, right? Either that or we’ve been paid to eat a load of earthworms. If you’re gonna eat earthworms, do it for money, basically.

But how much did you pay/get paid for it? £1.50? A tenner? A grand? £156, 786?

Well, betting company BettingTips4You decided to find out. They did a survey of 2,317 Britons over 18, essentially asking them if they’d do [insert disgusting act here], and how much dollar they’d need to do it.

To start with, they were asked: “Have you ever been paid, in either money or goods, to do something crazy or extreme by friends?”

41% of people said they had (hence their nickname “Earthworm Jim” at school). Breaking it down further, 38% of people said they would “eat or drink something unusual”, and 32% would “say something inappropriate or risky to someone”, but only a tiny 6% would have a tattoo or piercing for moolah.

Now to the gritty details – the participants were given a nice long, in-depth list of dutty things to do, alongside the amount of money they’d need to do them, and asked to make their decisions. Hopefully they got paid to do that, as well. I think I’d rather eat worms.
Here are the top 10 silly things and the average sum people would need to get involved (along with how many people would say yes in the first place):

  • Eat someone else’s bogey - £100 - 62%
  • Eat the world’s hottest chilli - £1,000 - 56%
  • Drink sour milk - £1,000 - 55%
  • Squeeze someone else’s spots/pimples - £1,000 - 49%
  • Let a stranger on the street tattoo you - £10,000 - 47%
  • Sell an organ - £100,000 - 40%
  • Get shot from a cannon - £500,000 - 38%
  • Fake your own death - £500,000 - 36%
  • Shave entire body from head to toe (inc. hair and eyebrows) - £500,000 - 35%
  • Never talk to certain friends or family members again - £1,000,000 - 31%

Then, right at the other end of the scale: 1% of people would consider sleeping with an in-law for £1,000,000.

What this tells us, I do not know. Interesting, though. I guess the only thing that’s changed since the school-yard days of earthworm buffets is the price required to do it.

Not me, I still do it for free. It’s hard to collect money off anyone when you do it on your own.

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