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Donald Trump just gave WWE's Linda McMahon a job in his cabinet

Because of course he did

Donald Trump just gave WWE's Linda McMahon a job in his cabinet

Linda McMahon, former president and CEO of the WWE, has been named to head up President-elect Donald Trump’s Small Business Administration which sorta makes sense (I suppose WWE were a small business that became a very big one), but also sort of not if you’ve actually paid any attention to anything McMahon has ever done. 

As Deadspin rightly points out, WWE have made billions off the back of labour loopholes and tax credits, working every devious trick in the book to get maximum bang for every measly buck.

Having her as the face of the Small Business Administration, the government agency that handles small businesses and entrepreneurs, is Classic Trump (a phrase we’ll just shorten to CT forever more) in that it pays to no regard to the grievances that have rightly been levelled at her in the past. 


Linda McMahon with daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple H

WWE, of which she was CEO and president, have a terrible track record for bullying small businesses and other wrestling promotions, aggressively pursuing them until they find themselves corners and are thusly sued (remind you of anyone?), and also has had a bad run of stuff ranging from what many have said is thirty years of mainstream televised racism  and misogyny to stuff like, you know, the culpablity in the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit and his family thanks to their dogshit health and safety practices and domestic abuse.

McMahon – who donated $6million to Trump’s presidential campaign, by the way – has tried and failed to become the Senator of Connecticut twice before and the family has been in business with The Donald since the Eighties when his Trump Plaza casino hosted back to back Wrestlemanias. It’s another in a long line of sigh-inducing Trump appointments: Mad Dog the new military chief, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson serving the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and climate change denier Scott Pruitt the head of the Environmental Protection Agency – I don’t even know why we’re surprised anymore

If Trump really is keen to bring some WWE flavour to the Oval Office, let’s pray The Rock starts on his own presidential bid so he can layeth the smacketh down come 2020.