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Liam Gallagher has slammed Noel for not joining him at Ariana Grande's Manchester concert

Noel and Liam's beef is stronger than ISIS

Liam Gallagher has slammed Noel for not joining him at Ariana Grande's Manchester concert

If there’s anything that proves that terrorists won’t change how we think, act, or go about our lives, this is it.

Yes, this could refer to the brilliant One Love Manchester concert last night, where 50,000 people turned out to watch Ariana Grande and a host of other stars absolutely smash it out of the park, raising more than £2 million for the British Red Cross in three hours.

But what we’re actually talking about is a classic case of British beef – one of the most well-hung hunks of beef in British pop culture history – the pure, unadulterated hatred shared between two brothers, Noel and Liam Gallagher.

Not even ISIS are able to bring these two back together.

The Gallagher brothers back in happier times - 2006

The likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Little Mix all performed at Manchester’s Old Trafford cricket ground last night, before Liam was brought out as a special surprise guest.

As the stage went dark and the crowd waited in suspense for their surprise, we heard a few unmistakable licks of ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’, and everyone was wondering whether this could finally be it – would the Gallaghers put their differences aside for the cause and reunite Oasis in the name of fighting terrorism.

Turns out no, they wouldn’t. Liam appeared on his own to belt out Definitely Maybe’s banging opener, before giving an airing to his debut solo single, ‘Wall of Glass’.

And he finished by bring Chris Martin out on stage – a man Liam had previously described as “a geography teacher” who looks like he belongs in The Tweenies –  for a rendition of huge Oasis hit ‘Live Forever’.

Liam logged into Twitter to talk about what an amazing night he had playing back in his home city, but it wasn’t long before he turned the subject to his brother, to let the world know exactly what he thinks about Noel not being a part of the occasion.

He opted against using his favourite insult he usually reserves for his brother – “potato” – instead apologising to Manchester on Noel’s behalf for not being there, and labelling him a “sad fuck”.

This all begs the question – does Noel Gallagher hate his little brother more than he hates ISIS?

In a way, we have to think of this as a good thing. Noel and Liam are standing up to the terrorists by continuing to hate each other’s guts – even in spite of everyone else coming together in a display of love.

Respect, I guess?