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The greatest quotes from Liam Gallagher's Radio X interview

The singer has had his say on the crazy clown craze, crystal meth and more

The greatest quotes from Liam Gallagher's Radio X interview

Last night Liam Gallagher joined Johnny Vaughan in a conversation at Manchester's Etihad stadium for Global's Make Some Noise charity campaign, discussing everything from the growing killer clown craze to the possibilities of Oasis reforming.

Of course, his words were magic - they've gotta be, this is the man that said: "I suppose I do get sad, but not for too long. I just look in the mirror and go, `What a f***ing good-looking f*** you are.` And then I brighten up."

So with no analysis, no judgement, no scrutiny, here is just a bunch of hilarious words from one of the greatest frontmen of all time from his absolutely barmy Radio X interview.

On the scary clown craze

"I think they're alright man. I don't mind 'em. I like a clown. Some of them put a lot of effort in."

On his favourite slippers

"I've got Uggs. They're leopard print and they're the best ******* slippers; slippers when you want to get locked out of the door."

On Jose Mourinho (who he also described as a little c***)

"He already looks like it's the end of the season."

On who'd play him in a biopic of his life

LG: "And obviously they’re all gonna go for fit people like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp and that.  F*ck that man.  Stan Ogden. He f*cking gets me man. Stan Ogden gets me. He just one of them just goes like that: what?"
JV: "Actor Bernard Youens?"
LG: "Just a guy just be pretending to be deaf.  Just going what, who what, just f*cking let it all hang out mate. Stan Ogden. Just didn’t give a f*ck mate…"

On being young and drunk

"I remember being drunk as a 15-year-old. I came in at 11pm, couldn't find the lights so ****** all over his (Noel's) stereo."

On Oasis getting back together

LG: I mean it’s like, I’m here, I’m ready to go.  I mean our kid bangs on as if I’ve done … as if I f*cking stabbed his cat or something. And it’s like oh, and I’d say something else but I know other people would pick it up but I didn’t go there so.  Do you know what I mean, it’s like if he wants to… the thing is, he doesn’t want … he wants to be a solo star.  He’s always wanted to be that so like he doesn’t… Like if people think by me having a dig on Twitter is stopping the band together like, you’re f*cking off your heads like yeah. The reason why the band ain’t getting back together is cos Noel needs to surrounded by ‘yes’ men, yeah.  And I ain’t one right.

On the longest he's ever stayed up for

"The '90s."

On doing crystal meth

"I enjoyed myself. That **** happened a lot."

On the best frontmen alive (apart from himself, of course)

"Richard Ashcroft is pretty cool and Ian Brown is fantastic. And Shaun Ryder is mega."

On whether he's northern or southern

"I wouldn't say I'm a Manc. I've lived in London 20 years. I'm a universal dream."

On their most rock 'n' roll moments

Bonehead: "Doing a loop the loop of the Golden Gate Bridge in a private jet."      
LG: "I pulled a sicky that day. I was there but I didn’t do any singing. We went to the f*cking ski resort."
BH: "We were up in the mountains somewhere, weren’t we?"
JV: "You never thought ‘hang on, wait a second.’ Did you have to reign it in? Did you go back to bed and say ‘No, no’?"
BH: "Reign what in?" 
LG: "No."
JV: "Just the excess and say ‘No. No.’"
BH: "Why reign it in? We were, or we weren’t Boyzone, were we?"

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