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LG's OLED TVs just became the ultimate gaming accessory

A whole new world of gaming awaits

LG's OLED TVs just became the ultimate gaming accessory
10 September 2019

The words 'refresh rates' may not fill you with too much excitement – we can certainly think of a few other things that are more immediately thrilling when it comes to gaming.

But hold back on your scepticism – because the refresh rate on the new LG OLED TV could make it the most exciting gaming TV out there.

The brand announced it would be adding G-Sync variable refresh rate support to its new TVs back in January, at CES, and it looks like they're already here, just nine months later. The TVs don't have G-Sync hardware, but Nvidia has certified each TV through its G-Sync Compatible testing process.

What this means in practice is that you could be seeing variable refresh rates of around 120Hz.

LG's OLED TVs just became the ultimate gaming accessory

If you're into big screen gaming, this will be music to your ears. And it's not the only gaming friendly element of its offering from this year.

HDMI 2.1, a new standard for HDMI connectors, is included in all models – this, again, supports higher refresh rates and resolution for gaming.

Up until now, G-Sync had only been available in models like HP's Omen X Emperium, which would have set you back around $5000.

And whilst the £1,700 price tag of the 2019 LG models is hardly penny pinching, it is significantly more affordable.

The feature will come as an update to all of its 2019 TVs, so if you own one you'll be able to see the refresh rates in all their smooth, HD glory.

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