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Leaked poster appears to confirm Destiny 2 release date

And it sounds like they're doing a beta in June

Leaked poster appears to confirm Destiny 2 release date

It got off to a bit of a shaky start, but Bungie’s enormous multiplayer shooter Destiny amassed a devoted group of hardcore players, many of whom – hundred of hours later – are still not done with the game.

Those people (as well fans who dropped off a while ago) will be very happy to learn that an – allegedly leaked - poster appears to confirm that the much-anticipated sequel will launch in September this year. 

The poster in question was leaked by an Italian retailer, but you don’t need to be a fluent bilingual to make out the “8 September” written at the top. The image also mentions a beta starting in June, which various social media reports claim will come to PS4 first (no great surprise there then).

Again, there’s been no official announcement of a release date from Bungie as of yet, but Kotaku are predicting that there will be later today. 

We’ve been told very little about Destiny 2 so far, but it sounds as though the planets in the game will be more feature-rich than those in the original, with towns, settlements and traditional RPG quests.