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Larsson & Jennings Stunning watches

Larsson & Jennings Stunning watches

Larsson & Jennings Stunning watches
06 August 2014

We're always a bit suspect of the term 'Limited Edition'. Usually a ploy to pressure customers into splashing their cash without a second thought, the term seldom motivates us to dig out our wallets. Unless it's being used by Larsson & Jennings.

Their Limited Edition watches are just that - their most exceptional designs and collaborations receive only the briefest of runs, to ensure that customers who manage to nab one end up with something reassuringly exclusive.

The Tyburn and Umbra are two such models currently ticking through small stock piles.

The Tyburn takes its design inspiration from London in summer (stay with us on this) - a pastel blue strap and second hand evoking the fleeting clear skies of the city. The Umbra is an altogether more sober affair: a black sloped chapter ring detailed with cool grey indexes and minute markers, alongside gun grey hour hands on a coal black inner dial.

Both designs feature a 38mm dial and the slightest of cases at 7.4mm in thickness.

Available for £240 from the Larsson & Jennings online store, the only delay you should encounter is in working out which style you'll pick.

(Images: Larsson & Jennings)