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Labour is in tatters, but they’re still the most stylish party

From Corbyn to Burnham, we list the best of the left's style icons

Labour is in tatters, but they’re still the most stylish party
13 July 2016

Sure it’s important to have well thought out policies on how the future of the country is run, but it’s also just as important to not look like pure garbage. And compared to the Conservatives, Labour are absolute rock stars.

From thick black glasses to corduroy blazers, we list the top Labour men who prove that even in the face of political revolution, you can still look sharp.

Clive Lewis

A corduroy blazer and a gingham shirt. The Shadow Secretary of State for Defence looks like the cool, bookish, free-thinking English teacher who wouldn’t tell on you if he saw you skiving maths lessons.

Tom Watson

The Labour Party Deputy Leader has a strong glasses game. We’ve even heard they are actually just a stylish accessory as his vision is meant to be 20/20. Exemplary, dear Watson.

John McDonnell

With a dress sense as no-nonsense as his views on "f*cking useless" Labour plotters, the Shadow Chancellor goes smart casual in his beige slacks and brown brogues here, giving off a friendly grandfather feel. Now this is an outfit you can trust. He’s definitely got a pocket full of Werther’s Originals and he’d definitely give you the last one. He's that sort of guy.

Lord Bassam

The House of Lords Chief Whip here, proving that even though fox hunting is strictly banned there's no reason you can’t be dressed for it. Now all we need is a whip-round to buy him a tie that this spectacular blazer deserves.

Andy Burnham

Much like David Cameron - who supports all the teams - it's become accustom for political types to pretend to follow a football club and so appear at one with the common man. Not so Andy Burham, the Merseysider who's life-long loyalty to Everton has never wavered. And how better to show it than rocking a suit at match and coordinating the colour and tie for the occasion. Top marks.

Owen Smith

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith has directly challenged Corbyn for leadership. It'll be an interesting battle: whereas the maverick Corbs tends to ditch the tie altogether, even he couldn't deny Smith's Labour inspired tie is sublime.

Which brings us onto Jeremy Corbyn himself...

The king of casual. Just look at that light brown. But is the understated style god about to branch out into the world of accessories? That bright yellow folder he clutches, the pen nestled nicely in the shirt pocket. How can the rest of the party not love such an innovator?