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Kodak has revamped its Super 8 camera

Kodak has revamped its Super 8 camera

Kodak has revamped its Super 8 camera

Admit it. You've longed to shoot your own theatrical short. You've directed it in your mind a hundred times, plotted out the locations through which your actors would pace as they deliver your atmospheric script, with you shooting the whole thing on a camcorder - an artistic masterpiece that catapults you into meetings with movie execs and producers.

Well Kodak is about to resurrect those dreams with a modern, more accessible twist, thanks to the reinvention of the iconic Super 8 camera.

Describing the new model as an 'Analogue Renaissance', Kodak showed off the new camera at the Consumer Electronics Show - an event that had already taken a decidedly retro tone with the announcement of several new age vinyl turntables

Working with 'leading filmmakers' to create the new Super 8, Kodak has attempted to harness the depths of analogue film with the accessibility and ease of modern digital formats. The camera sports a fold-out digital view finder, allowing you to see what you're recording on the Super 8 film - which are still developed in the 'old fashioned' manner of sending it to Kodak. However, on sending back the physical film, Kodak will also email you a password to retrieve digital scans from the cloud, allowing you to edit and share more widely.

If the film route doesn't appeal, the camera also wields an HDMI output. Audio is recorded onto separate SD cards - which means you'll have to undergo some fancy editing if you want to match up sound to your shoots.

UK prices are yet to be announced, but US prices are suggested to be between $450 and $700 (£300 and £480), while the film purchase and development will cost around $80 (£55).

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