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Kidnapper to sue hostages

No, really

Kidnapper to sue hostages
30 November 2011

In any movie involving a kidnapper/hostage situation, things are usually wrapped up once the hostages get away and/or the kidnapper gets shot.

If the story continued, it might look a little something like this.

In Kansas, convicted kidnapper Jesse Dimmick is suing the couple that he held hostage, in their own house, for breaking an "oral contract", as they apparently agreed to hide him from police in exchange for money. Instead, the deceiving little back-stabbers decided to sneak out when he was asleep and call the police! It's almost like they were acting like victims of a crime or something!

Police swarmed the house and Dimmick was shot in the back. He feels betrayed, as apparently they all ate cheetos together and watched Patch Adams. We kid you not.

He's now suing them for $235,000 for breach of contract. He's already attempted to sue the county for shooting him, while the couple he held hostage tried to sue him for the stress he caused. He was probably the one who decided they should watch Patch Adams.

Let's all take a moment to feel extremely sorry for the judge that has to deal with all of this.

(Image: Rex Features)

[via Topeka Capital-Journal]