KFC has gone and made southern fried extra crispy sun cream


KFC is really pushing the boat on strange marketing ideas of late: first the chain teased us with the gravy fountain, and now it's launching a chicken scented sun cream.

Yep. A cream that helps protect your skin from the sun rays and makes you smell like their signature dish.

Finger licking good? Not really, given that it's actual sun cream (and probably contains 1,000 different chemicals to make it smell like crispy chicken).

A total of 3,000 limited edition bottles were created - and we're sorry to report they've already sold out. Mainly because they were free - that bad that they have to give them away.

The cream states that it has a protection factor of SPF 30, but judging by the faces in the advert we have reason to doubt it'll do a great job of protecting you from UV rays. 

The sun cream joins a list of chicken-scented products you'll no longer be able to get your licked-fingers on: KFC nail polish that tastes like chicken that was launched back in May, while the Kentucky Fried candle is currently out of stock

Give it a few months - they'll probably release a KFC after shave just in time for your Christmas list.