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There are already two very exciting bits of Kem and Chris news following the 'Love Island' final

The bromance will live on!

There are already two very exciting bits of Kem and Chris news following the 'Love Island' final

We are all in this together. We are all in the same boat. We must be strong and stick together, we cannot let this get us down. The world is a cruel place, but we will get through this, we will survive, and we will come out the outside, just in time for the next series of Love Island.

Yes, it’s over, and life is a dull place without it. But hey, I’ve got some news that’ll help you through today, and the following Love Island-free weeks and months to come: Kem and Chris might be getting their own spin-off show.

ITV bosses have asked their production teams to pitch ideas focusing on the two bruvvas, to satiate the rabid thirst for more Kem and Chris on our television screens. A TV insider told The Sun:

“Chris and Kem’s friendship has captured the nation – everyone has loved watching the bond they have together.

“Viewers have even called for the pair to be eligible to win this series as a twosome.

“Bosses don’t want to see an end to their bromance and are already brainstorming possible TV show ideas to pitch for when Love Island is over.”

I mean, I don’t know what this could involve? Maybe the two of them entering a rap battle? Or both climbing Mount Everest? Maybe just Kem and Chris Drink a Pint of Tabasco Sauce Every Day for a Year. Either way, I’ll watch it.

That’s not it though, oh no – you thought that was all the Kem and Chris news for today? You thought your Kem and Chris meter was full? Well, you better fire up your Kem and Chris overflow tank because here’s some more molten-hot gossip for ya: Stormzy wants to collaborate with both of them on a track.

Yeah, I know. Look:

This, now this, is exciting. Does it mean we’ll see a proper version of ‘A Little Bit Leave It’? Surely we can’t have that without Marcel, aka Rocky B on production? We need a full Stormzy x MayKem x Hughes-Cruise x Rocky B collaboration, and I won’t settle for anything less.


(Image: Rex)