Kanye West's backstage rant calling Taylor Swift a "fake ass" on SNL has been leaked


Yeezus, Kanye.

The rapper’s recent PR troubles continue after an audio clip of the star throwing a backstage tantrum on Saturday Night Live this past weekend has been leaked by Page Six.

Apparently peeved production staff had ripped up some shiny flooring from the set because it was reflecting the stage lights ahead of a performance, West wanted to cancel his act at the last minute and went into a bizarre backstage tirade, only for legendary producer Lorne Michaels to talk him out of it.

It didn't stop him kicking off big time though, even turning his ire to current nemesis Taylor Swift, calling her a “fake ass”. Claiming he was going to break the Internet, West then said he was 50 per cent more influential than Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Escobar and all round nice guy Paul the Apostle (who, let's face it, have never had to deal with live TV musical performances, so maybe we'll cut him some slack there).

But according to Page Six, staffers on the NBC show allege West also called them “white mother*ckers”, which isn’t heard in the clip.

Oh Kanye. Something tells us we need to put a nice smile on your face.

How about a trip to Pizza Hut?

Click here to hear the audio