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Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs is oddly brilliant

"Welcome to Park"

Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs is oddly brilliant
02 March 2016

Would Jaws have worked without a shark? Or Aliens without interstellar nasties? Unlikely.

But now, for seemingly no bigger reason than ‘because the internet’, one clever visual editor has taken the Jurassic out of Jurassic Park, removing all the dinosaurs from that famous scene when the audience first gets to see the genetically remade creatures plodding over the rolling hills of Isla Nublar.

“My dear Dr Grant, welcome to Park,” says John Hammond as the excitable archaeologist stumbles over himself in awe of absolutely nothing, as if he’s just a huge fan of trees, or that the jeeps were coming back from a house party where far too much MDMA was taken.

This oddly special work belongs to Vidsplode, whose making of Park video can be found here, and who we hope will now get about creating more great videos like this. Something tells us taking the Transformers out of the Transformers series would be an improvement for everybody.

In the eternal words of Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm: "You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.”