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These rare storyboards show a new alternate ending to Jurassic Park

The T-Rex nearly had its revenge

These rare storyboards show a new alternate ending to Jurassic Park
31 January 2017

Jurassic Park is one of the greatest films ever made and we will not broach debate on that topic.

Pretty much every aspect of it is perfect: the casting, the music, the performances, the storyline and, of course, the ending. But like all great films, it didn’t necessarily start out that way, with chopping, changing, editing and rewriting until they got it right.

And an intriguing alternate initial idea for a different ending to the film has emerged, courtesy of the fanpage Jurassic Time, which has posted up images from ‘Dinosaur supervisor’ Phil Tippett’s ‘Early Sequence Storyboard Binder’.

Phil, of course, is already a legend on the internet, with many questioning just how good his supervision of the dinosaurs on the Jurassic Park set really was:

And his storyboards detail an alternate ‘helicopter chase’ ending which, according to Jurassic Time, “is an early look of the first version (Version A) of the sequence, and was not scripted at this stage immediately after Crichton’s final draft. It later became adapted into Malia Scotch Marmo’s screenplay, but with numerous alterations.”

Here’s the original ending:

There’s already one other alternate ending, which can be seen below (in video/storyboard form):

And this new alternate ending could fit in after this one, or instead of it. Take a look below:

Would it have been as good as the original? In all likelihood – probably not; there’s something beautiful about the T-Rex becoming the hero of the hour and saving the humans desperately trying to flee the island.

Let’s all give him a big hand (as he doesn’t have any).