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Here's your first look at Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker make-up


Here's your first look at Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker make-up
24 September 2018

There’s a new movie about The Joker coming out, and if you have not heard of the internet, then you will also have not heard of this film. However, everyone else, which is everyone, will have. 

They/you will also probably have seen the first pic of main star, Joaquin Phoenix, in “costume”:

What a boring, no-make-up-wearing nerd - what you really want is him in full clown get-up, don’t ya? 

Well, strap your pants on, because here you go!

We like it - it’s not too similar to the previous filmic iterations of The Joker, but it’s also not so far-removed that it’s going to wind up all the neckbeards. 

Simple, yet effective, which is a trope we hope (poet don’t know it) the film will adhere to as a whole. There’s a lot of talent involved in the flick (Todd Philips, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz), so there’s a good chance it’ll be good, but who actually knows, nowadays, huh? It’s a comic book movie, remember - they don’t have the best track record, do they, eh?

Oh and also, talking of Zazie Beetz (we did it in the brackets up there, so did we really say it at all? Are we even saying this?), Todd Phillips also shared a photo of her:

Zazie Beetz and comic-book movies? They are, so far, a flawless pairing - let’s make it two-for-two, please!

Joker is out in cinemas October 4, 2019. AKA ages away.

(Image: @toddphillips1)