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J.K Rowling's new project will keep Harry Potter fans happy during lockdown

It seems this wizarding franchise always has more to give.

J.K Rowling's new project will keep Harry Potter fans happy during lockdown
02 April 2020

Harry Potter is possibly the most-loved wizard of all time, and despite the first book having been released over 20 years ago, fans of the franchise still get excited whenever the smallest magical-themed merchandise is released.

Well, J.K Rowling has just revealed she has been working on something *big* for the wizarding world and it's designed to keep you entertained in the midst of lockdown.

Revealing The Harry Potter At Home Hub on Twitter, J.K. Rowling said she thought parents, children and carers “might need a bit of magic” while stuck indoors.

The portal is free to use and includes a range of magic-themed, children-friendly activities from puzzles and quizzes to exclusive videos and crafts (like learning to draw a Niffler).

There are even sections dedicated to each house - Slytherin’s includes ‘The Ultimate Severus Snape Quiz’, Gryffindor celebrates the house’s best names through the ages, Hufflepuff as a whole section dedicated to its Unsung Hero Cedric Diggory and Ravenclaw has a wordsearch to test those who are meant to be the smartest.

The Harry Potter At Home Hub describes itself as aiming “to help inspire you, your family, your friends, and especially children all around the world to read for pleasure and enjoy the stories, as well as bring some magic-infused joy and entertainment to all the family."

Adding: “But the hub is also a place for those of you who have loved Harry Potter for decades: a place for you to feel the warmth of the fire in the Gryffindor common room or a much-needed hug from Mrs Weasley.”

And if you’re not all magic-ed out by then, you’ll be pleased to hear that Audible has just made Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone free to listen to - and it’s narrated by Stephen Fry.

We reckon that’s enough magical fun to keep the whole family occupied at least until you can get out the house again.

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