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Urgent: Jim'll Paint It has created his greatest work yet

This is phenomenal

Urgent: Jim'll Paint It has created his greatest work yet
09 November 2018

In case you don’t live on the internet 24/7, there’s a small chance you may not have heard of Jim’ll Paint It. In short, he takes requests from his fans for ridiculous scenarios and then draws a pitch-perfect depiction of said scene using only Microsoft Paint. The mind boggles as to how he does it, but he does, and each and every illustration is ridiculously good. 

However, it appears that he may have surpassed even his best entries with his latest commission.

First, the original request, by Peter Brennan:

“Dear Jim, My post code is E17 8ET, which, as the guy at the oyster card complaints department pointed out recently, sounds like Walthamstow’s own classic pop band chomping down on Steven Spielberg’s stumpy legged alien. 

“I’d love to have that image rendered in paint form and available in a format I could hang on my living room wall. That way no one would ever again need ask me my post code when drunkenly ordering food online. Cheers!”

And then:

Amazing. But it gets better the more you look at it. The Reese’s Pieces, the jacket potato, the fact that - as one eagle-eyed Facebook commenter pointed out - the house in the background is the exact one at that postcode. Brilliant stuff.

And why not finish up with a couple of silly puns to round things off?

East 17? More like EAT 17!! More like ET 17!!! More like East GAS MARK 17!!!! MORE LIKE E.TEATIME SEVENTEATIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you want your very own boyband/movie-alien scene painted, why not make sure a similar thing happens to you, and then contact Jim’ll Paint It here

(Image: Jim’ll Paint It)