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Jeremy Corbyn just joined in with one of 2017's best memes

He's some kind of unstoppable meme machine

Jeremy Corbyn just joined in with one of 2017's best memes
29 September 2017

Jeremy Corbyn’s awkward relationship with meme culture reached its awkward peak yesterday. That’s right - at a Labour Party conference event, Jeremy responded to “Mate, don’t you want to take off your jacket?” with “the man’s not hot”.

In case you’ve just returned from a summer-long Twitter hiatus, comedian Michael Dapaah’s character Roadman Shaq went extremely viral in July with a joke grime freestyle on Radio 1Xtra’s Fire in the Booth, thanks to iconic bars like “The ting goes skrrrahh / pap, pap, ka-ka-ka / skidiki-pap-pap / and a pu-pu-drrrr-boom / skya / du-du-ku-ku-pun-pun / poom, poom!” and “The girl told me ‘take off your jacket’ I said ‘babes, man’s not hot’.”

Loads to work with there, and the internet didn’t disappoint.

Evidently it made an impression on Corbyn’s camp, who set him up for an endearing but also kind-of excruciating viral moment of his own. Give it a watch and judge for yourself.

God love you, Jezza. You almost nailed it. Alright, technically you fluffed a three word phrase, twice, and your flow leaves a lot to be desired, but you didn’t try to do a voice and you seemed mostly aware that you were being kind of a cornball. 

Just as long as this doesn’t prompt Theresa May to dub herself ‘Bodack Blue’.

(Image: Rex)