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The Jeremy Corbyn Christmas jumper is here to save the festive season

Jerry Christmas, one and all

The Jeremy Corbyn Christmas jumper is here to save the festive season

Christmas is a time for families coming together, often for the first time in months, to play board games and argue about politics. Oh, and there’s occasionally some turkey.

You’ll probably find yourself biting your tongue at least once, not due to a slippery Brussels sprout but rather due to a comment from a relative which is at best arguable.

You know the kind, pure conjecture and/or lies, preceded with, “Well you’ve at least got to admit…”

Sometimes it’ll feel like they’re doing this to deliberately rile you up, but there’s a chance they simply assume everyone else in the room shares their politics.

It can be tough to interrupt them mid-rant to make your feelings known, so if only there was another way to clarify your political stance. Something like this, maybe…

The ‘Jerry Christmas’ Jeremy Corbyn jumper is one of two political items released by NotJust, and according to The Independent some 50% of profits are donated to Save the Children.

Both jumpers are made in the UK, and a new print run has been launched after the first 250 sold out in double-quick time.

The jumper comes in at £35, as does their ‘Make Christmas Great Again’ jumper, featuring Donald Trump as the Grinch.

The Jerry Christmas design is one of 22 Christmas jumpers we’ve picked out that offer something out of the ordinary.

Even if you can’t bring yourself to wear it in front of that politically insensitive uncle, there’s still time to snap one up in time to give it an airing on Christmas Jumper Day on 15 December.

(Images: Rex Features/NotJust)