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Want some jeans with built-in mud splatters? That’ll be £350

Sorry, how much was that again?

Want some jeans with built-in mud splatters? That’ll be £350
Tom Victor
27 April 2017

Every now and again an item of clothing will roll around that gives us our very own ‘Am I so out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong’ moment.

It doesn’t happen all that often, but it certainly applies to these ‘heavily distressed’ jeans from PRPS, which come with mud, paint or bleach splatters as standard.

Sure, some of you will claim you could get an approximately equivalent look by wearing regular jeans while doing up your garage or playing football on Hackney Marshes, but we don’t all have that sort of time on our hands. We live busy lifestyles, and any opportunity for a shortcut is to be appreciated.

Available from Nordstrom, each of the three new designs carries an explanation for a look which is undoubtedly unique.

So, here they are, one by one, for you to make up your own mind.

Heavily distressed medium-blue denim jeans in a comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged, Americana workwear that's seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty.’

‘Hand-painted and destroyed denim jeans tailored in a modern straight-leg fit have been prominently hand-sanded, distressed and repaired with contrasting patchworking and stitch-detailing, transforming your style into wearable abstract art.’

‘Competing oil and bleach blotches create a street-cool camo rendition on these slim-cut straight-leg jeans that are shredded, stitched and patched for roughed-up, worn-in feel.’

All three pairs, along with a mud-splattered denim jacket, are available from the Nordstrom online store for £351.34.

(Images: Nordstrom/PRPS/Frinkiac)