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Jealous wives petition to ban sexy waitress

The injustice!

Jealous wives petition to ban sexy waitress
Danielle de Wolfe
14 September 2011

When you get married, we imagine it's all about the simple pleasures. The nights alone at hotels without any phone signal, the password-protected laptop and the reliably casual flirtatiousness of waiting staff.

But in the town of Cadelbosco, Italy, green-eyed wives have been trying their darndest to prevent one particular server from meddling with their marriages ever again.

Twenty-seven-year-old Loredana Popesciue has been receiving universal acclaim (and massive tips) from the menfolk but her sexy dance routines haven't gone down so well with the women. They've also been attracting negative attention from the local authorities. Both the tax man and health officials have investigated her routine as it involves "sexy underwear".

The Romanian immigrant has been labelled employee of the month/year by the bar's owner who has renamed the business "Lory Pink Bar" in her honour.

Take that women!

(Image: CEN)