Japanese Scenes In Captivating Gifs


Cute. Digital. Weird. With its bizarrely large eyes and abundance of equally massive swords, the pop culture of Japan isn't quite like anything we've created in the Western world. We're not really sure we understand it all, but we're big fans of its detailed, cartoonish aesthetics - a passion shared by digital artist 1041uuu.

From crowded offices to lonely commutes, 1041uuu's beautiful Japanese-themed gifs manage to bring something captivating to otherwise mundane settings. Heavy on cats and flickering rays of light, we've been tapping A and B for the last few minutes in hopes of interacting with these windows into little worlds. Unfortunately, nothing happens. 

You can see all of 1041uuu's works on their Tumblr page. Check out our favourites below. 

(Images: 1041uuu)

[Via: Kotaku]


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