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8 reasons why the latest Bond actor rumour makes sense

This could definitely work

8 reasons why the latest Bond actor rumour makes sense
24 September 2018

So, the current big rumour doing the rounds on our Old Friend Internet is that Henry Cavill is in the running to play the next Bond, after Daniel Craig’s done with the role. 

According to gossip website Crazy Days and Nights and reported by ComicBook, he’s being eyed for the role, a rumour that comes hot off the heels of the internet claiming he’s been secretly axed from the Man of Steel role (here’s who should play the next Superman btw).  

But hey, he’d probably be quite a good fit, right? Don’t agree? Let us convince you:

1. He can actually do a British accent, because, you know, that is his actual accent

It looks like we’re not going to get any curve-balls or progressive castings with the next iteration of Bond, so if that’s the case, at least let’s get someone who can do the accent. So far we’ve been lucky with Bond castings in that they’ve nearly all been British themselves, or at least capable of a good accent. 

Like, we love Keanu Reeves, for example, and for a number of reasons, we’d love to see him play Bond, but we’ve heard him do an English accent before, and to say that it was “distracting” would be an understatement of apocalyptic proportions.

2. He can reload his arms

There’s a bit in the new Mission Impossible film that, lest you had set up shop underneath the heaviest of rocks, you will have noticed, for he appears to reload his arms before storming into a big lamp-sesh with Tommy Cruise The Boy. This bit:

What we’re saying here is not: he can reload his arms and that’s what James Bond does so that’s why he’s a good fit; what we’re saying is: Henry Cavill can do fighting good. Just like James Bond can - he’s got the action chops, basically, which is pretty much essential should you wish to become James Bond. Good at punching, you must be, like Cavill so clearly is. Punching extraordinaire.

3. He wants it

He’s said numerous times that he wants the role. In a recent ShortList interview he said: “I feel I’m the right age. I’ve got the physical capacity to do it; I have the stunt experience. So yeah, I’d love to play the role.” If that’s not a compelling enough argument, you’re a harder person to convince than most.

4. He’s a rather charming fellow

The thing about Bond is that, problematic past aside, he possesses a magnetic charm about him. Everyone loves him, and as such, that quintessential British charisma (that is displayed almost nowhere in real life) that is so inherent in the character is often required within the actor’s constitution themselves. 

Which is why the role has been traditionally cast to charming men - Sean Connery (can’t deny it), Roger Moore (can’t deny it), Timothy Dalton (WEILL DEFEND TO THE GRAVE THAT YOU CAN’T DENY IT). Henry Cavill has a bit ‘o that about him too, no? 

Great jawline, too. Jeepers.

The name’s James, James

5. He is “rather” famous

You need someone relatively famous to be Bond, don’t you? Don’t want an unknown really - someone recognisable but not someone yet typecast - Henners would be perfect, right? He’s a big star, but somehow, he’s not a mega one? 

Even though he’s played Superman, he somehow seems juuuust low-key enough to play Bond, whilst still holding enough gravitas and heft to make a big impact. You have heard of him, this is good. This is how showbusiness works, baby.

6. Those all-important odds have been slashed up

Ever since the rumours plopped onto this here internet that he’d be leaving the Superman role, the odds on him becoming the new Bond have been ripped to bits; from 10/1 to 4/1. As it stands, he’s now second favourite to holster that PPK, behind Tom Hardy, who’s currently standing with odds of 6/4.

7. Schedules are clear

Henry Cavill might not be Superman anymore, and that means he’ll have a bit of time on his hands - time to Bond it up, basically. Sure, Henry Cavill has a starring role in The Witcher, but we’re not going to see another Daniel Craig-less Bond movie for like, five or six years, are we? So he’s got time to get a season of Witching about out the way, and with the potential for no new DCEU movies - Cavill’s got space, basically. Let him at it!

8. He’s a YUNG MAYN

Some people are too old to play James Bond, Henry Cavill is not. He’s got himself a good few films in him, hasn’t he? As bad as it sounds - this is an essential requirement. Ageism? Sure is!!!

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