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Jacob Rees-Mogg is planning a fishy Brexit protest and everybody is making the same joke

What's happening to this country?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is planning a fishy Brexit protest and everybody is making the same joke
20 March 2018

Victorian time-traveller and somehow 2018 member of parliament Jacob Rees-Mogg has apparently joined a protest in response to Theresa May’s Brexit transition deal announced this week

The deal made yesterday ensures that Britain’s waters remain eligible to be fished by the EU until 2020, something which apparently leaves UK fishermen at a disadvantage. Fishing For Leave, a group of fishermen who believe the EU hindered their business, are organising a stunt to register their disapproval. 

Thus, the only logical way to highlight this injustice, is to, throw…dead…fish…into the thames? Yep. That’s the plan. This has drawn inevitable comparisons to Eric Cantona’s famous line at his press conference after karate kicking a fan in the chest in 1995 when he said; “When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea,” Which left everyone speechless, and was surely parodied by this Chanel perfume advert. 

Brexit has already raged on long enough without another shower of eccentrics descending onto the Thames in makeshift boats to let the world know their stance on it. Back in May 2016 before the vote we were treated to Nigel Farage and a floatilla of Brexiteers being counteracted by none other than Bob Geldof, and I think we all questioned what it truly meant to be British, if this was our announcement to the world.

It seems however, that Rees-Mogg’s involvement may have been exaggerated, or perhaps it was just codswallop (thank you) fabricated by the left in the hope of seeing him humiliate himself. Speaking on LBC this morning, he laughed off the suggestions, saying; “Am I going to change my name to Captain Haddock? No, I’m not throwing fish anywhere. I’m not a fish thrower. I think this has got slightly out of hand. But I won’t be throwing fish. Anyway, I have a nasty feeling that if I started throwing fish, they would be brought back in the wind and hit me in the face.” Which says something about the way he perceives that even dead animals feel about him.

He added “No, I’m not a fish thrower.”

Which seems fairly conclusive. We hope he changes his mind, just for the pictures it would produce. 

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