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Jack Spade Launches Watch Collection

Jack Spade Launches Watch Collection

Jack Spade Launches Watch Collection

There's one main reason why we like burritos: choice. One day you can have pork, another day chicken, or even prawn. Essentially, what we're saying is we like having options, so you can see why we'd enjoy the new 37-piece watch collection from Jack Spade.

The brand has launched its inaugural range of wristwatches, which includes five different styles - sport, dress, pillow tank, dual time zone, and graphic print.

The sport, dress, pillow tank and dual time zone versions all include Swiss movements and sapphire crystal, and are priced from £260 to £450.

The dual time zone watches also feature a rather fancy movement developed specifically for Jack Spade - it can detect an alternative time zone with its fourth sweep hand.

As for the graphic watches, these are priced at £90 and feature a Japanese quartz movement.

(Images: 1. Dual Time Zone, Clarkson, £450; 2. Graphic pattern, navy and green, £90; 3. Graphic patter, grid print, £90; 4.Classic, Buckner, £330; 5. Sport, Conway, £260; 6. Pillow Tank, Sutherland, £330)