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Itsu are giving away free lunch for a whole year - here's how to get it

I'm dreaming of a rice fishmas

Itsu are giving away free lunch for a whole year - here's how to get it

Nothing says Christmas like sushi.

Well, if you ignore turkey, presents, Santa Claus, crackers, Christmas music, Die Hard, Home Alone, 25-minute versions of ‘Last Christmas’, that Coca-Cola advert, and so on and so forth. Oh, and Jesus too, I guess.

But hey, Christmas is a time for spending more money than you have, so the promise of free food on the horizon is probably even more welcome now than at any other time of the year.

With that in mind, many of you will surely be excited by the news that Itsu, the restaurant chain known for its sushi, rice bowls and the like, will be giving out a range of freebies including free lunch for a whole year.

Everything’s tastier when it’s free

Beginning this Friday (1 December), the Asian-influenced chain will be running 12 days of giveaways (for the 12 days of Christmas, geddit), culminating in free lunch for an entire year for one winner.

You’re probably wondering how you get your hands on the freebies – probably a bunch of different hoops to jump through and a ton of forms to fill in, right? Actually, not this time.

To be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need to be following Itsu’s Instagram account, where the daily competition photos will be posted.

Any member of the public who follows the account and ‘likes’ the daily photos will be in with a chance of winning, and there’s no limit to the amount of different days you can enter (though you’re restricted to once per day).


Prizes on the first 11 days will include gift cards, entitling winners to at least one effectively free lunch, depending on the value of the prize.

Itsu say the prizes will increase in value as we go through the 12 days, so if you forget on day one you haven’t missed out entirely.

And that means the big prize - the free lunch for a year - will arrive on *counts on fingers* 12 December.

Plenty of time to correct all of your sushi faux pas, then.

(Images: Itsu)