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Is this Sainsbury's Christmas advert the best one yet?

Is this Sainsbury's Christmas advert the best one yet?

Is this Sainsbury's Christmas advert the best one yet?

We don't know about winning Christmas advert of the year, but Sainsbury's effort should probably win an Oscar.

The supermarket clearly didn't get the memo that the key to a Christmas ad these days is to induce sobbing.

Instead they opted for what we would describe as a short film about a calamity cat, bringing fantastic animation and a fully fleshed out story to our screens and filling an entire ad break.

The story was written by children's author Judith Kerr, who wrote The Tiger Who Came To Tea and who also makes a cameo. She revives her cat character, Mog, a forgetful feline who actually died in 2002 from old age in the book titled Goodbye, Mog (oh, the feels).

In so doing, she's tapped into two things that make the internet collectively lose it's mind: Christmas and cats. 

Putting one of her nine lives to good use, the accident-prone cat finds herself in a pickle in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, wreaking havoc in the kitchen and setting fire to the Christmas tree.

Luckily, she accidentally dials the fire brigade while walking over the telephone and ends up saving the day.

Then that Christmas spirit everyone talks about comes into play, and all the neighbours rally around Mog and her family to share Christmas together after Mog basically burns down the house.

This year we've had Goldblum, #manonthemoon and now Mog. 

Check out Sainsbury's Christmas effort below and let us know what you think.