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Is Justin Bieber stylish?

Evidence for and against the 21st century's most divisive pop star

Is Justin Bieber stylish?

Justin Bieber has deleted his Instagram account. This information will either have zero effect on you or will give you heart palpitations and a feeling of existential dread.

In the last few years the Canadian pop star has divided opinion like no other musician, because with every cracking tune he releases and impeccable outfit he wears, there's always a public tantrum and style abomination that brings him down.

It is hard to make a final judgement on the singer, but with this gallery of his best and worst style, hopefully you can be brought some peace - because we know this stuff keeps you awake at night.

Image credits: Rex/Getty

Palm of your hand

The palm tree bomber jacket with gold trim by Saint Laurent was one of the summer's biggest statement jackets, but Pete Doherty wore out rosary beads back in the early 2000s mate.

Jog on

Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld once said that "sweatpants are a sign of defeat," and we're inclined to agree with him here. Save them for the sofa Justin when you're licking Dorito dust off your fingers in shame.

Insane in the Balmaine

One of the strongest looks from last year's Met Gala was Justin's black and gold embroidered tuxedo jacket worn over what looks like a posh chef's shirt. Not an ounce of baggy or ripped streetwear in site for a change.

Drop it like it's crotch

How is drop crotch still a thing? He looks like a giant baby that's shat itself.

It just keep getting worse the more you look at it too, as those hi tops are on the verge of being moon boots, and the chain teamed up with the track jacket is more Vanilla Ice than modern streetwear.

Out of the blue

The electric blue suit and skinny textured tie were worn during his Comedy Central Roast, where comedians and celebrities lined up to rip into the Biebs. We assumed he consciously made an effort here and steered clear of his Metallica t-shirt. That would've been like shooting fish in a barrel.

The leather forecast

It's not easy to pull off brown and black, but Justin manages not to clash the contrasting colours by giving it a rock 'n' roll edge, which is funny considering he's about as rock as Cliff Richard.

Roll up

If Beliebers ever ditch Justin and leave him penniless, at least he might have a chance of starring in a Miami Vice reboot with that horrifically red blazer and rolled up sleeves.

Style note: only roll up your sleeves like this if you're doing handy work, like unclogging the sink.

Check mate

There's nothing offensive here about his strong check shirt and ripped light wash jeans combo showing off his love for nighties grunge. What is offensive though was him saying he was this generation's Kurt Cobain...

To conclude: Much like his jeans, we're torn.