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This is when Apple will reveal the new iPhone

Remember remember the 7 September.

This is when Apple will reveal the new iPhone

Remember, remember the 7 September. It's the date that Apple has set aside to host its annual reveal of major tech treats - from a new MacBook Pro, to a new Apple Watch.

Oh, and one more thing... the new iPhone.

Bloomberg's technology report and Apple specialist Mark Gurman has word from someone within the company that the Californian tech giant has set aside 7 September as the day it'll reveal the new hardware.

It matches Apple's form book: it loves to host its events on Wednesdays in September. Prominent iPhone leaker Evan Blass suggested that the handset would be available for pre-order on 9 September, with the new phone arriving in shops from 12 September. 

So there you have it. Just a few more weeks for your cracked old iPhone 6 with a battery that lasts half a day to last until you can line up its shiny new upgrade. For an idea of what to except from the new handset, check out our rolling archive of its many, many leaks.

[Via: Bloomberg]