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Incredible illustrated dissections of pop culture characters

The horror, the horror!

Incredible illustrated dissections of pop culture characters
06 June 2016

We've a sneaking suspicion Aussie illustrator Nychos might just be taking his patriotic duty of throwing things on the barbie slightly too seriously.

Part of IKON, the artist’s upcoming solo art show which dissects famous icons of pop culture to show that they’re flesh and bone just like the rest of us, it looks as though he’s chucked Barbie herself onto the barbie.

As well as Mattel’s finest, other classic characters to get the gruesome partition treatment include Mario, Goofy and peak-perm David Hasselhoff. Essentially a slightly gorier version of Alex Solis' recent work, you’ll be glad you didn’t see this art series during your childhood.

If you do happen to be around the Big Apple anytime from 25 June to 23 July, you can see the show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Apply online via Facebook.