Incredible Hand-drawn Hoverboard Timelapse


Remember that margin doodle of the Batmobile that turned into a 40 minute work of artistry and now resides on your fridge door, proudly displayed for all to see? Bin it. Marcello Barenghi has just exposed it as the pitiful waste of ink it really is.

Commissioned by Be Street for their Retro Movies feature, the Italian illustrator shows off what true drawing skills are by creating a hyper-realistic mixed media work in just one sitting.

Calling upon more pens, pencils and Sharpies than the average school art box, the Back to the Future hoverboard emerges from just a few flicks and flairs of Barenghi's talented hands.

Check out the video below, and be sure to crank up the volume to enjoy the classic soundtrack. We're off to practise drawing something a little easier - most probably a stick man.

(Images: YouTube)

[Via: Be Street]


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