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Iconic Movie Set Posters

Iconic Movie Set Posters

Iconic Movie Set Posters

Promise you won't be mad, but we've found another film art series that's going to empty your wallet with.

Archiset is the latest series from architecture aficionado Federico Babina. As the title alludes, this series focuses on some of the most iconic sets of the silver screen. Some appear faithful copies of familiar vistas (Star Wars), while others squeezing in a title's best aspects into one frame (The Shining).

You can check out the full series and pick up a print of Babina's work from his site. We're off to build an extension to give us some extra wall space.

(Images: Federico Babina)

(Via: Fubiz)

Star Wars


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Modern Times

North by Northwest

All About My Mother

Clockwork Orange



The End Of Violence


The Party

The Shining

2001: A Space Odyssey

Barefoot In The Park


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