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7 Easy ways to get more Tinder matches (using science)

7 Easy ways to get more Tinder matches (using science)

7 Easy ways to get more Tinder matches (using science)

"Swipe right for everyone."

"Get your designer mate to Photoshop your profile pictures."


All tips you won't be finding in this, a scientific guide to Tindering.

From recommended facial hair to confidence poses - your matching game is about to get a boost.

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[Studies via: Tech Insider]

Appear extrovert

Sorry introverts - but an "energetic" photo is likely to get more interest than something shy and retiring.

Ditch those shots of slouched shoulders, pouting bed selfies and attempts to look relaxed in a rugged kind of way. Go for forward-facing images (you're more likely to appear outgoing), and try to appear as composed as possible (it implies you give a damn). 

This guy is overdoing it, but you get the idea.

Don't bother with a profile essay

Time to ditch the details and stick to the visuals.

It turns out that we make far greater judgements on an individual based on their physical appearance than on their ability to answer questions or provide information.

If you're going to use that bio box for anything, make it funny - not creepy or in-depth. 


Well, duh.

While that brooding, thousand-yard stare might have a great deal more mystique about it, a genuine smile is going to make you appear more approachable and outgoing.

Show off your social skills

While you shouldn't surround yourself with pals in every photo on your profile (your suitor doesn't want to try and spot you in a crowd), indicating your social circle with photos can have a positive effect.

Research suggests that loners (people who pose in isolation for all their images) don't do as well as those who indicate they're capable of holding down a few friendships.

At ease

When judging images of strangers, a study found that participants standing with their arms behind their back were seen to be more confident than those with crossed arms or with their limbs dangling carelessly by their sides.

Those with folded arms were commonly viewed to be lacking self-esteem. The poor sods.

Grow a beard for short term fun

Not wanting to encumber yourself with a "steady" relationship? Then get yourself a face full of hair.

A study into the sexual preferences of straight women found that those looking for a short-term partner had preference for "male" features such as beards and a chiselled cheek bones.

Play the long game

Don't expect to be inundated with matches straight away. Tinder users log on to the app an average of 11 times a day - and in heavily populated areas it might take time for your profile to crop up. 

Just give it some time.