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How to dress like a mod

Get the Brighton Rock look

How to dress like a mod
08 February 2011

Now we imagine that you've seen Brighton Rock and you're probably feeling pretty blue. Not because it was bad but because you're wishing you weren't born in the stupid 80s but instead had a chance to live in the 60s.

Luckily, all is not lost. While we can't provide you with a time machine just yet (give us three more weeks), we've been chatting to Navaz Batliwalla, guest blogger for, who has given us a rather useful guide on how to get the mod look.


Fitted merino wool knitwear comes high on the agenda of any self respecting mod and Brighton Rock's costume director Julian Day used John Smedley's fine-gauge knits throughout the film. Round neck and poloneck sweaters worn with cigarette pants are a simple way of emulating mod style, while a three-button long sleeved knit shirt will win points for authenticity.


If you really want to go all out for Brighton Rock style, then get fitted for an Italian mohair three-button suit. Mods are all about attention to detail and that means cut and fit have to be immaculate.The perfect mod suit is the three button mohair suit which doesn't crease so will look sharp throughout the day.


If suits are too high maintenance, you can get a mod-lite look with slim, straight-leg jeans, a fitted polo shirt and desert boots. The key is to make sure everything is perfectly pressed and your top button is done up.


Incorporating Pinkie's style into your workaday look is easier than you think, just aim for narrower proportions on your shirt, tie and trousers. A button-down shirt works beautifully with a slim knitted tie and cigarette trousers which should just kiss the top of your British brogues. Keep socks plain and contrasting-coloured - avoid novelty patterns.


Macs and trench coats for men have a particularly European flavour, especially in a dark, neutral colour worn over a suit. A single-breasted mac is best if you have a large frame but if you're of lean proportions you can get away with a belted trench coat. Whether or not you flip the collar, you need a certain amount of panache to pull this off, but done well it can look very cool. The classic mod parka is a casual choice of coat that's easier to wear if you're more generously proportioned. The US Army M-51 fishtail parka is the choice of discerning sartorialists. Slim or large, parkas need to be worn loose - nobody ever looked good in a tight parka.