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We have some serious questions for the McCallister's interior designer in 'Home Alone'

None of this makes any sense

We have some serious questions for the McCallister's interior designer in 'Home Alone'

It’s December, so it’s finally time to be full-on, turbo-charged Christmas. And that means: buying Christmas sandwiches every single day, listening to 25 minute long versions of ‘Last Christmas’ and, of course, watching Home Alone on repeat.

Let’s face it, it’s one of the greatest movies ever made - so much so that every year some eagle-eyed viewer out there notices something new in it; some lovely little easter egg that you never noticed before, or an apparent plot hole that has been neatly filled.

But this is one that’s been staring us in the face all this time: just what the hell was going on with the interior design of the McCallister’s home?

CNET journalist Claire Reilly posted a series of tweets, which have gone viral, that explore just how ridiculously Christmas-themed the abode was - to the point where literally everything was green, white or red, despite the fact that they’d have to live in this place all year round.

Other fans had spotted it too:

Yes, literally everything is red, white and green:

However, after many people had asked why they so elaborately decorated the house for Christmas, even though they were going to be away for it, one viewer explained:

However, someone else had a different theory:

Dark. But we like it.

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