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Hilarious photos show the reality of online shopping

Amazon has got a lot to answer for

Hilarious photos show the reality of online shopping

It's one of the joys of the 21st Century: being able to do your shopping without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Just one or two clicks, no messing about fighting through crowds at the shopping centre, only to find they've sold out of what you want, and - hey presto - a day or two later a box will turn up at your front door and you can pretend it's Christmas.

But - and we were as shocked as you to learn this - sometimes, it turns out that you can't trust the internet to be completely honest, or to get things completely right.

Once you've picked your jaw up from the floor at learning this earth-shattering fact, take a look at our gallery of the biggest online shopping fails ever.

A classic ebay tactic

Yep. He bought a photo of an Xbox One.