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This hero hairdresser is working for free so that local children can "feel special" on their first day at school

What a wonderful gesture this is

This hero hairdresser is working for free so that local children can "feel special" on their first day at school
Tom Victor
07 August 2018

Families up and down the country are struggling to make ends meet, and any way they can alleviate that is hugely appreciated.

The use of foodbanks has risen substantially in the last 12 months, with figures from the Trussell Trust revealing Scotland and North-West England are the areas to receive the highest number of emergency food supplies in the 12 months to March 2018.

When families are forced to rely on foodbanks, they’re likely to have to make cutbacks in other areas – perhaps they’ll have friends or family members cut the kids’ hair, for example, just to save a bit of cash.

One Scottish hairdresser is well aware of this, and has stepped in to make a difference.


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Craig Boyd, who runs a hair salon in Leven, Scotland, has promised free haircuts to children whose families need to use local foodbanks.

Vouchers will be handed out at foodbanks and clothing banks in the area with the Courier reporting that local businesses the Red Petal Company and McCallum’s Barbers have also pledged to help schoolkids show up to school with full pencil cases on their first day back.

“Every child should feel good going to school, but unfortunately we live in a time where everyone is judged,” Boyd said.

“We aren’t doing this to get credit, we are doing this so every child can go to their first day at school and feel special.”

Boyd’s actions come after similar measures elsewhere in the country, with Brixton foodbank in London handing out free haircuts for Valentine’s Day this year.

He will be giving out the free haircuts on 13 August, from 11am-3pm, and there has already rightly been plenty of praise for his actions.

Those keen to offer donations to help the cause, or to offer up their time, have been encouraged to do so.

(Images: Pixabay)