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Here's your first look at the rumoured iPhone 7

Heads up Apple fans - the following article requires a major spoiler alert.

Here's your first look at the rumoured iPhone 7
12 May 2016

Heads up Apple fans - the following article requires a major spoiler alert.

That's a thing, right? People on the internet like being warned about things that are yet to happen? It's what you're here for anyway.

Dependable Apple snitch OnLeaks (he revealed images of the iPad Pro before its launch last year) has obtained technical renderings of the regular and large models of the iPhone 7 from Apple's iPhone assembly group Catcher Technology. 

Here's what we've got...

iPhone 7

Apparently the same size as the current iPhone 6 S, there are few notable additions to the iPhone 7:

  • There's a bigger camera lens, allowing more light into the sensor for bigger, better, clearer pictures.
  • The camera still sticks out - which, frankly, feels lazy. Apple isn't alone in making sticky-outy lenses, but we'd hoped they'd go above and beyond to make a sleek, smooth handset ahead of competitors.
  • There's no headphone jack, which is odd, considering the rumoured removal of the 3.5mm hole was to allow the new phone to be thinner. It could be that Apple will use the iPhone 7 to nudge their fans toward Lightning adaptor headphones, before a new, better iPhone 8 goes super slim.

iPhone 7 Plus/Pro

The larger iPhone 7 model (again, the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus) has some major differences over the 'regular' model, causing some analysts to speculate that Apple might ditch the 'Plus' label in favour of calling the new handset the iPhone 7 Pro: 

  • There's a dual camera, a technology Apple splashed $20 million for when it bought Isralei camera specialist LinX in 2015. Their technology uses complex algorithms to combine two images for a greater impression of depth, and improve image quality under low lighting. It could even be used for 3D scanning functions.
  • See those three dots on the back of the phone? That's a Smart Connector, which can transfer data and power. It's currently used on the iPad Pro to attach to the Apple keyboard. It might be used for superfast charging, or connect to a host of new accessories.
  • Again, there's no headphone jack, so expect to buy an adaptor or new cans.

Yes, it's only rumour and speculation - but several major 'leaks' from separate sources have started confirming each other. Either everyone is running with the same lie, or we're really looking at this year's major iPhone release.

[Via: USwitch]

(Images: OnLeaks)