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Sean Spicer wore a green tie on TV and it did not go well for him

He was asking for it, really

Sean Spicer wore a green tie on TV and it did not go well for him
17 March 2017

Noun: green screen

  1. (in film and video techniques such as chromakey) a blue (or green) background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image.

The above definition is something that White House Press Secretary and Communications Advisor to the Trump Administration Sean Spicer should probably be pretty familiar with.

Turns out he’s not.

When the politician took to the White House podium last night to discuss what the administration is getting up to – presumably things like sacrificing goats to the night Gods and chanting incantations while stood in a circle under the full moon – he made the foolish mistake of wearing a green tie.

It didn’t take long before Jesse McLaren decided to take full advantage of his slip-up.

Funny, right?

Jesse cracked up Twitter by editing images of Jack Nicholson, a retro Windows screensaver and other things onto Spicer’s tie.

If anyone knows where we can get a George Michael tie, please hit us up.