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Here's what's new on the London Underground map

Here's what's new on the London Underground map

Here's what's new on the London Underground map

Calling all London-bound tourists, commuters and cartophiles - Transport for London has just gone and tweaked the Tube Map.

You can see the shiny new set of lines on an interactive interface over here

While the changes are relatively minor, there are some new details that could unsettle those who feel they've memorised every curve of the iconic Underground. For a starters...

The Central Line is no longer straight

Formerly arrow-like in its span, the Central Line now does a funny kink between St Paul's and Holborn (which is closer to how the line meanders in real-life) and goes back to its old route between Bond Street and Queensway (which actually runs pretty straight in real life).

There's a new font

One for the typography lovers, the font is now a smidge thinner, helping bring more space into the somewhat overcrowded arrangement. There are some issues, with names clipping lines on various points on the map - but TFL is in the process of ironing out such issues. 

The Emirates Air Line has gone (sort of)

Another potential bug, the much criticised Emirates Air Line connecting Emirates Greenwich Peninsula and Emirates Royal Docks appears to have disappeared from the online interactive version, with only a floating cable car hinting at its existence (it's still there on the downloadable PDF). Probably a bug, rather than a veiled comment on what a waste of £60 million the cable car was.

Liverpool Street Station got busy

With the TFL taking over the running of a route previously managed by Greater Anglia, Liverpool Street Station now has an extended Overground connection. There's also a new 'TFL Rail' line in blue and white - replacing a National Rail line and hinting at the eventual takeover of the line by Crossrail in 2018. 

Tufnell Park has been naughty

Or rather, it's closing for nine months, which means it's got a red line going through it. 

Kensington Olympia is still there. Honest

Not exactly a new change but a mix up on the digital version, Kensington Olympia's connection with Earl's Court appears to have been removed, as noted by the Evening Standard. It hasn't been cancelled though - not yet at least.

So, if you're headed to the capital any time soon, best be sure you update your tube knowledge appropriately. And expect even more squashed changes when the Crossrail line opens in 2018

(Images: TFL)