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Here's the first trailer for Iron Maiden's video game

Can I play with madness?

Here's the first trailer for Iron Maiden's video game

Think of Iron Maiden and a few images are bound to spring to mind.

Leather jackets.

That menacing Eddie the Head skeleton guy.

Sweaty hair. 

'Video games' almost certainly won't feature - yet that's exactly what the heavy metal outfit from Leyton are about to give their fans. 

A free-to-play role playing game for mobile devices, Legacy of the Beast will follow the story of "A mysterious force... intent on destroying Eddie, shattering his soul into a million shards. He begins his journey blindsided and stripped of his power, yet still possessing just enough fury to fuel his fight. With each victory, he regains more power and strength, collecting the shards of his soul, supercharging his skills and electrifying his attitude!" 

Set to release in the summer, expect a soundtrack of Iron Maiden tracks (possibly including Speed of Light - below, a single from their last album Book of Souls, which featured a videogame-style video), and heaps of references to their lyrics and metal lore. 

If it worked for Kim Kardashian...