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Here's how you can get a job designing for adidas

It's time to quit your job and move to New York to make trainers

Here's how you can get a job designing for adidas

If you're currently sat at your desk at work bored out of your mind and looking for a way out, this might be it. That's if you have experience in designing footwear and want to move to New York, that is.

Marc Dolce and Denis Dekovic, adidas's design leaders, have posted on LinkedIn that the iconic sportswear brand is recruiting for its new creative space, Brooklyn Creator Farm, which you can read below.

So do you think you have what it takes? If you do want to live the dream, check out their positions here.

You could be going for a pint with this lot after work


To our fellow creators,

Come define the industry. Dream without limits.

This is an exciting time at adidas, there is a movement happening….you can feel the energy and momentum in the streets. The success adidas has generated creates the unprecedented opportunity to be the undisputed WORLD’S BEST SPORT BRAND.

Our newly opened adidas BrooklynFARM will be a place for Creatives to be creative!

We’re excited to announce a new series of opportunities for creators at the BrooklynFARM, where we will help drive our commitment to design, partnership and innovation. Paving the way for a new vision and setting the direction for our brand — we’re defining the entire industry.

We understand the benefits of a design collective, collaborative environment for visionaries and the sharing of ideas throughout our team already in place at the BrooklynFARM. We’re now looking for the brightest talents that share in our mindset of collaborative innovation to join us.


This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take action, blaze a trail, and leave a legacy. This isn’t about one shoe or one product — we believe Sport can change lives. By joining the adidas brand of creators, you will have the platform, tools and resources to truly leave a defining mark on the industry.

We’ve proudly shaped the BrooklynFARM as an OPENSOURCE center for CREATORS to explore and frame the future Creative Direction of our amazing adidas brand through PARTNERSHIP and COLLABORATION. By being based in New York, you will have unprecedented access to the best creatives across ALL industries, surrounded by a city that never sleeps and a team of relentless thinkers.

If you feel you have the vision, insights and creativity to help take our entire industry to a new place, please look into one of our newly updated BrooklynFARM team job postings that are now live at adidas Group Careers.


With a distinct quest to not only improve the performance and abilities of all athletes, but also change lives through Sport and innovation, we feel our collective purpose can be bigger than just the traditional athletic industry we’ve come to know.

This opportunity demands that we do our best work in the years ahead. With your CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION and CONFIDENCE — we will!

Join the movement, be a part of a bigger social purpose and continue to DREAM BIG!